Open positions for post-doctoral researchers and/or PhD students in cell and structural biology at University of Helsinki. The ‘Actin-based molecular machines’ group of Academy Professor Pekka Lappalainen is inviting applications for post-doctoral researchers and/or PhD students in cell biology, biochemistry, and structural biology. The group is seeking for dedicated and enthusiastic post-doctoral fellows and/or PhD students to join projects that focus on: 1) Understanding the mechanisms by which contractile, mechanosensitive actomyosin bundles assemble in human cells, and 2) Elucidating functions of the actin cytoskeletons in evolutionarily distant pathogenic unicellular parasites. The deadline for the applications is April 15, 2021, but the positions will be filled immediately once suitable candidates have been identified.

One or two postdoctoral positions are available (open until filled) for enthusiastic scientists to work in the area of adaptive immunity in the Center for Cancer Research (PCCR), Purdue University, United States. The posts are part of a multi-disciplinary collaboration between labs at Purdue University (Kazemian lab) and the NIH (Afzali lab). These labs focus on the coding and non-coding regulatory circuitries underlying immune cell fate decisions, their relationship to tissue inflammation/repair, infectious diseases and cancer development. (9.3.2021)

A PhD student position and a postdoctoral position are available in the laboratory of Dr. Daniela Ungureanu and Prof. Jussi Taipale at the Medical Systems Biology group at the Applied Tumour Genetic Program at University of Helsinki. Our research group is part of the Academy of Finland's Center of Excellence in Tumour Genetics Research. The laboratory focuses on the study of transcriptional control of cell growth, using functional genomics and systems biology. The deadline for applications is April 30, 2021.

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