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Research Program Unit, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki invites applications for a fixed-term position of laboratory manager for Klefstöm Lab. We are a vibrant research lab of about 20 researchers, including postdocs, graduate students and highly skilled research assisting personnel. Our mission is to translate high-impact laboratory discoveries for the benefit of cancer patients. We are seeking an experienced laboratory manager, available immediately, to work at the interface of the Klefström lab and several HiLIFE research services, especially the Helsinki Virus (HelVi) core. We are looking for a lab manager with a higher vocational diploma or a master’s degree in molecular biology, biotechnology, engineering (Tech.) or equivalent. A successful candidate must have 3+ years of work experience in biomedical research, excellent communication skills in English, experience in cell culture and molecular and cell biology methods and competence for operational lab management. Deadline for applications is September 28, 2023.

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