A PhD student position and a postdoctoral position are available in the laboratory of Dr. Daniela Ungureanu and Prof. Jussi Taipale at the Medical Systems Biology group at the Applied Tumour Genetic Program at University of Helsinki. Our research group is part of the Academy of Finland's Center of Excellence in Tumour Genetics Research. The laboratory focuses on the study of transcriptional control of cell growth, using functional genomics and systems biology. Current lines of work include high-throughput determination of binding sites and binding specificities of human transcription factors, using this information to identify regulatory elements that control cell growth during normal development or in cancer. We are also working on pharmaco-genomic studies of drug resistance mechanisms in cancers such as ovarian cancer.

Applicants with strong backgrounds in molecular biology/bioinformatics who are interested in working in an inter-disciplinary environment are particularly encouraged to apply. Applicants must be able to work independently and have good communication skills in English.


Please send an application as a single PDF file containing your CV, publication list including impact factors and two letters of reference to daniela.ungureanu(at)helsinki.fi . The deadline for applications is April 30, 2021.

Selected publications from Taipale lab:

  • Zhu  et al. The interaction landscape between transcription factors and the nucleosome. Nature. 2018, Oct, 76-81.

  • Yin et al. Impact of cytosine methylation on DNA binding specificities of human transcription factors. Science, 2017, May 5;356(6337).

  • Nitta et al. Conservation of transcription factor binding specificities across 600 million years of bilateria evolution. Elife. 2015 Mar 17;4.

  • Turunen et al. (2014) Uterine Leiomyoma-Linked MED12 Mutations Disrupt Mediator-Associated CDK Activity. Cell Rep 7, 654–60.

  • Yan et al. (2013) Transcription factor binding in human cells occurs in dense clusters formed around cohesin anchor sites. Cell 154, 801-13.

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